Zephyr Personal Facial Steamer

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    This personal facial steaming device provides instant hydration to tired skin and is easily absorbed through the skin with fine micro particles of water that provide a consistent mist. Hot steam from the rotatable neck helps to open pores and eradicate dirt, oil, and grime that lead to stubborn acne and blackheads. Use with distilled water and refer to the instruction manual for proper uses & safety procedures 🙂

    • Unclogs pores & hydrates skin
    • Hot mist helps to loosen clogged pores
    • Convenient rotatable neck
    • LCD screen display with timer


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    Zephyr facial steamer is a must-have to add to your skincare routine as needed.  The Zephyr steamer uses a gentle hot mist that moisturizes, nourishes, and hydrates the skin all while providing a deep cleansing experience with no damage to the skin. Please refer to the instruction manual included for proper uses and safety procedures.

    Use this device for an ultra-deep cleanse and balance skin moisture levels. After use, your skin will be able to get better nutrient absorption from your favorite skincare products. Nano water ions penetrate to the bottom of the muscle below the skin that hydrates the skin for a youthful glow. Over time this skincare instrument will help to lighten age spots and acne scarring as well as deep clean pores, dredge blocked hair follicles and discharge blocked pore dust that leads to acne and blackheads. Best of all this self-care device helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by retaining skin moisture balance.

    This hot or cold mist spray replenishes your skin with the vital water it needs to be and stay hydrated so your skin remains healthy blemish, and wrinkle-free.

    What are the benefits of a face Steamer?

    Open pores make it easier to clean the skin and remove congestion. Vapors on the face can increase hydration, which means it has a calming and smoothing effect and also increases radiance.

    Let’s look at some remarkable benefits

    • It softens the dirt inside the pores to make it easier to remove them
    • Heat the skin surface, making it more sensitive to treatment.
    • It improves blood circulation in the skin by increasing the internal temperature of the skin, causing oxygen to leak to the surface and “nourishes skin cells with new nutrients, steam helps the skin absorb moisture. The vapor permeability of the skin, allows it to better absorbs the surface.

    The Steamer produces ionizes water molecules, which helps hydrate the skin a bit. “Ionized water generally gives the best results without the need for a quick procedure.

    The Zephyr Steamer is an elegant innovative spa design with an LCD screen and timer for better control. (Excessive steaming because it can dehydrate the skin. This should be avoided – please refer to the instruction manual for optimal use & safety procedures.)

    Let’s look at the perfect face Steamer processes:

    • Clean your face and neck as usual with towels after placing your facial skincare/herbs into the steamer.
    • Enjoy steaming for 10 to 12 minutes by relaxing yourself.
    • Peeling with facial peeling or gentle peeling
    • Rinse face and neck with cold water.
    • Lock hydration with your favorite serum or moisturizer

    If you have more time, you can add a face mask after peeling to make the most of your money. You can also add aromas or skincare herbal products to the steam treatment to customize your own therapy sessions with your favorite aroma. (Do not pour essential oils directly into the beaker).


    • Personal facial steamer for home spa before using microdermabrasion device or ultrasonic scrubber
    • The rotatable neck makes it so you can sit or lay
    • Can be used with your favorite essential oils (not directly in beaker)
    • Hot mist hydrates & balance skin moisture level
    • Highly effective use for deep cleansing with your favorite cleanser

    This personal hot mist facial steamer humidifier is the perfect skincare tool to add to your daily cleansing routine before using your Glow MD microdermabrasion device or Exfolika ultrasonic spatula.