Nuwave Flash Personal IPL Device

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    The new and improved way for better and painless laser hair removal.

    • Large lamplight cover more area
    • Wavelength up to 900
    • Skin contact induction
    • IPL technology pulse hair removal
    • Painless hair removal
    • Safety leakage protection
    • 999,999 flashes
    • LCD display
    • 5 adjustable levels
    • personal IPL device



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    Nuwave Flash personal IPL device is a powerful and portable wireless laser hair remover. This machine is perfect for spa-like treatments at home without the need for hot wax. It safely delivers hair eliminating energy with more control and precision than most laser hair removers. With safe and effective lasers you can use this beauty device on your face, armpit, legs, and sensitive bikini areas. This pro-quality device delivers impeccable results.

    If you are tired of shaving several times a week and dealing with shaving bumps then this is the perfect hair removal tool you want in your beauty care regimen. You will save hundreds of dollars on razors, shaving creams, and more every year by going laser!


    • Wireless Hair Remover (ONE)
    • Targets facial hair, legs, body, bikini, and intimate area, armpits
    • 5 adjustable pulse gears for light to heavy hair removal areas